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Queensland Academy of Eyelash Design


Scandinavian Eyelash Design - the new way to do Eyelash Extensions.

Last longer, looks better and feels like your own.


Lashia's training and courses in Eyelash Extensions


Lashia is the number 1 brand in Eyelash Extensions in Scandinavia.

The Swedish Eyelash Extension method is so natural, you can't tell your eyelashes are fake.

Lashia is the leading training school of Eyelash Extensions in Sweden, with the largest network of experts in Eyelash Extensions today.

Be part of the startup in Queensland. Together we bring "the Lashia method" to Australia, and we show them all how it's done.


An eyelash extension should not be fake, they should not feel like false eyelashes, they should enhance your eyes

and you shall never have to wear mascara ever again.


Be part of the Lashia network of Eyelash Designers, and you will have a future job you can be proud of.


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Lashia - Quality and Expertise in Eyelash Extensions



What is Lashia's network of Eyelash Designers?


This is mainly for our customers. They need to know a Lashia salon keeps top quality in Eyelash Extensions.

Lashia Network is the largest and fastest growing network of experts in Eyelash Extensions in Sweden.

We are expanding to Australia. After your training we list you with name and contact details for you to rapidly build your own

customer groups.

Word of mouth is the best marketing tool, and to be listed on Lashia network you allow your customers to post and read reviews

on your beautiful eyelash extensions. You will be listed as "trainee" on the front page on






As a Lashia trainee you get large discounts on our Scandinavian quality products until the day you get certified.

After you recieve your certificate in Eyelash Extensions we give you even larger discounts.


Who can train?


You do not need to be employed or have another exam to participate in Lashia training.

However, it is a requirement you start your own business, or get employed in a salon when you start working.

There is great demand for skilled Eyelash Designers - many of our new students get jobs immediately after the course.


Am I suitable for this profession?


Being an Eyelash Designer you get a lot of customer contact.

This is a profession for you if you love working with people.

You get to know your customers (sometimes more than you think) and it's great fun.

It is a quiet and methodical profession that make you very relaxed when working with Eyelash Extensions.

It's obviously fiddly work, but it helps to have frontal lobes or strong glasses so you can see all the little details properly.

We have a hands-on course if you feel you need to know more.



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